Apakah harus membuka kantor di saat sekarang atau nanti ?

Berikut ada 5 pertimbangan apakah harus membuka kantor di saat sekarang atau nanti menurut Harvard Business Review :

Should you open your office now or later? The key to making the safest choice lies in considering not how soon you can make it happen, but in how confident you are in your people to speak out when someone is being unsafe. Even if measures like washing hands and wearing masks are taken to help practice social distancing, employees must feel comfortable calling out noncompliance. You won’t succeed unless these new measures become norms. But there are a few steps you can take to help ensure that they do.

1) Require “please” and “thank you.” In other words, ask people to be mindful when reminding others of proper protocol. Saying “please” before keeps the request polite, while saying “thank you” in response can help normalize it.

2) Hold a Covid “bootcamp.” This can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as a few hours, depending on the level of changes you are trying to make. The goal of this is to break down old patterns and introduce new ones.

3) Practice with fire drills. In the first week, hold daily fire drills, where you ask people to stop what they are doing and practice protocol.

4) Perform daily rounds. Observe the extent to which new measures are being practiced and keep score.

5) Share the scores publicly. Make sure they are visible to clients and customers. Rather than calling out individuals, place a large circle with colors denoting the organization’s total level of compliance: green = 95%+; yellow = 80-90%; red = <80%. Some of these practices may feel awkward or embarrassing for you and your employees, but these are unusual times. If we want to keep everyone safe and healthy, people may have to do things outside of their comfort zones. —

Adapted from “5 Tips for Safely Reopening Your Office,” by Joseph Grenny. Artist credit: Lars Ruecker/ Getty Images. .

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